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Capitalism vs Passion

You know,

I felt carefree,

That I knew what I wanted to do,

Until it became something,

Which I had to do on someone else's terms,

And that always made me rebel,

The institutions that made the rules,

To benefit only them,

And not care about the ones,

Who made the institution possible in the first place.

So, when I fell out of love from my passion,

It was the institution I put all my blame on,

And on capitalism,

That sucks out the magic from art,

And drains out minds like me.

I don't know how many souls,

Have lost their purpose like I have,

And questioned everything since then,

Because it was possibly the only thing I could do well,

And now even if I want to leave the institution completely,

It brings my passion back to me,

In ways I cannot refuse,

Because capitalism and life,

Runs on money,

And no one really cares,

About the things you love.

image from wix

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