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There are some days,

Merely as dates on the calendar,

Ordinary and inglorious,

Like others remembered,

For birthdays and anniversaries,

Of weddings and deaths,

And we live through them,

Before they even happen.

Like we pass by our own death day,

Until we actually live it to die,

And then, we never get to live it,

On any other year ever.

Then there are anniversaries,

Of talking to someone for the first time,

Of first dates and first kisses,

That we cherish even years later,

Mesmerized in the memory,

So close to our heart.

Often only remembered,

For a moment,

Because we are no longer with them,

Or we have had so many other firsts with others too,

That a first out of many,

Seems undeserving to be celebrated like a victory.

Today, is one of those anniversaries for me,

And for you, if you remember,

Because patterns exist even years later,

No matter the distances between us.

It could have been so different,

If it wasn't a first then,

It could have been so different,

If there was a last to it.

Nevertheless, it's an anniversary,

Unsung, but not ordinary,

Deserving to be remembered,

As a memory and a lesson,

To give your heart,

To create and break patterns,

To celebrate life and hope,

And three out of four time,

It'll work out for you.

it was one of those chances it didn't work out for us


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