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We all are such vivid characters in our lives and all of us want to create a story of our own which should be the best-selling novel of all times. We smash other characters and crush them without even caring about their story and their plot. Some of the characters are round characters: they keep on changing their plots and storyline in each chapter of the novel and do not care about the flat characters who like to stay the same throughout the journey of their novel. Round characters are complex, they keep on undergoing changes and surprise the readers and flat characters are two-dimensional and relatively uncomplicated.

There are books in which one character helps another to develop the story and make the plot look mature and complete. The support of characters is essential for making a story look beautiful. Being the editor of your own life, you are solely responsible for how you want your character to be and in which direction you want your story to go. Just, be a character with whom each and every reader falls in love with and says, “Damn, you are too perfect to be a character!”


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