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Chauffeuring The Wanderer

The charms on my bracelet,

Tinkle with the wind,

Each telling its story,

Of years without an end.

For the journey of a wandering soul,

Goes beyond state lines,

The story which goes on then,

Is beyond the destinations and time.

But, for once now,

I seem to have lost my way,

The hiraeth exists in my heart,

But not just for a place.

The mountains that surround me,

Speak to me in foreign tongues,

Even the North Star stays hidden,

Where is now this gypsy’s home?

I make silent wishes to the universe,

On dandelions flying in the air,

As darkness of the night starts to grow,

Hope is the light that makes my life glow.

Other than the blinding headlights,

That follow me, then stop,

Keeping the motor running the chauffeur steps off.

For how did he know,

To find me in this moment, on this way?

For how did he know,

I wanted somewhere and someone to stay?

For how did he know,

All my stories by heart?

For how did he know,

What was in my heart?

The car smells of petrichor,

And old books that he reads,

I need no maps now,

My soul is relieved.

For he knows all routes now,

That lead me straight home,

Even the ones I haven’t wandered yet,

Specially them he best knows.

Someone gave the word Chauffeur as a prompt to me in mid-August and I was stumped by the word.

Today, after a lot of research, contemplation and courage, I found these words to weave a story. Hopefully, I did justice to it.

Major source of inspiration was The Ballad Of Cleopatra by The Lumineers amongst other things.

With this, I hope you found meaning in my words in this unpredictable year and I hope I continue to find the right words to narrate a story everyday in the coming year.

Wishing you all love, happiness and magic, always.

From my words, to your heart, Fly, I Say and a Happy New Year!



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