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City Of My Heart

I clearly remember it was the season of fall,

All the dry leaves were rustling on the trees,

Waiting for the wind to fly them to the ground,

Creating a painting with hues of brown, maroon and gold.

The cold air was ruffling my hair,

As I tugged the scarf around my neck,

While walking in the golden sunlight,

Crunching the leaves with every step.

I saw her shadow before I saw her,

Long hair flying in the air,

The laughter echoing behind her,

The air getting warmer with her every step.

Never had I ever,

Saw the season change so quickly,

From old, dry leaves,

To fresh, green ones,

From empty branches,

To blossoms flirting with the butterflies,

From hard, solid ground,

To soft, grass beneath my feet,

In a matter of seconds,

Just with her one step,

In the city of my heart.

image source: resplash.


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