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Everything seems obnoxious,

Even in this clear blue sky,

And pretty sunshine,

Reflecting through your eyes.

Yet, there seems a fight,

Between mind and heart,

To realise,

What is exactly the universe’s plan.

The air and heart seems hotter with every minute,

Waiting to catch a raging fire,

Burning everything into ashes,

Leaving only the ones who deserves to stay.

But the air that blows across the surface,

With powers to cool everything down,

Is almost giving life to the fire,

Which shouldn’t be started.

Yet, it has anger, stubbornness, rebellious attitude,

But, it brings the dark clouds with it,

Accompanied by thunder and lightning,

It all seems planned in your favour.

Until, the wind is chilly,

The clouds breakdown,

And the thunder and lightning,

Take away all your sadness.

With one shower,

The universe seems to acknowledge,

How combustible you can be,

And thus rains all over you,

Playing yet another game making you lose everything again.


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