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Currency and the clash

After Modi declared the demonetization of higher denomination currency notes, every body was curious to get in queues and get rid of their 500s and 1000s.

It’s been more than a week that this decision has been implied and after wondering to go and deposit the cash or not, I finally went to the bank. After 9 hours of standing in the queue from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM, I returned back home angry and without making my transaction. I would straight away blame the bank staff for this as the bank opened more than an hour late along with staff members working extremely slow and the illiterate and inpatient crowd. Even though the bank opened late, the crowd was following a proper queue with the policemen allowing a certain number of people to enter the bank. It wasn’t until the last hour of the working hour of the bank that the policemen only allowed the senior citizens who had formed a separate queue. When the police opened the gate for the normal queue, people from behind pushed the people in front and crowded the entrance of the bank. The cops on seeing this outrage, closed the bank doors and didn’t allow anyone else. Despite standing for 9 hours in the queue, I couldn’t get my work done and after seeing the insanity of the crowd, I think the common man should be left to suffer the black money and corruption if they cannot co-operate for a good thing. About the bank staff, I’m sorry, if they’re attending 5 people for 30 minutes, they should be put on a drip of energy drink while working. This was certainly the angriest day of 2016.

Anger Level: 1 (Really Very Extreme)

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