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Days Like These

On days like these I feel I could just cancel my alarm and drift off the some magical sleep which never wakes me up.

On days like these I wish to just forget that I matter in the existence of the blue watery planet.

On days like these I wonder if there could be someone who could replace me and do my chores.

On days like these I wish I had magic powers which let me re-live certain magical days in the past.

On days like these I hope time could pass a little faster because I just want the day to end.

On days like these when I feel so helpless being on the verge of a cliff on one side and a volcano on the other, just about to lose balance and give up, I try to spread my wings and fly. Fly off to a place where I’ve kept my motivation buried to get some for me and some for my close ones.

On days like these, I want you to fly too.

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