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You can see the ball coming towards the goal; in only a fraction of seconds, everything will be in your hands or rather legs to save the unfortunate thing to happen; stop the ball to go past you towards the keeper and put him in a situation of do or die.

Suddenly, the world around you seems like a blur; the noise in the staduim dies down ; the fans who are cheering you by enchanting your name is like the light hum playing in your ears; the only thing you can see is the ball, the foot that is kicking it and the sheer determination in your head that you can defend it.

You didn’t even blink an eye and here you are taking few strides forward when the attacker has almost tackled every single player of your team and is about to kick the ball above your head right into the goal post and grab all the headlines in the newspaper the next day when you tactically assume that the trajectory in which the ball is about to get hit is somewhat incorrect and you merely nudging a little might help him score a goal. Thus, you do nothing but act confused. Meanwhile, when the attacker thinks that he has no one to worry about now, does the biggest blunder of his life and hits just above the goal post.

Damn, poor him. He’ll definitely be in the newspapers the next morning but not for scoring a goal, but for missing out by few inches to score a goal of his life.

Moral: Sometimes in life while you’ve to defend certain situations, the only way to tackle them could be to let them come and attack you. Never lose hope, be confident, be instinctive.

P.S.: I’ve never watched a single game of football in my entire life but just wanted to write today’s blog in that context. Apologies if I’ve made any blunder and I’ll happily accept the feedback for any correction.


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