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Don’t Make Words Lie

The words don’t seep in,

To my thought filled head,

I’ve known the lies,

Even before they were said,

I’ve known the words,

Expressing everything,

Meaning nothing,

Making me look like an idiot,

Believing them,

Trusting them,

Encouraging them,

To say, to do, to act,

But never to actually do it,

Enraging me, Breaking me, Building me,

Into a person I don’t want to be.

Someone who doesn’t believe in love,

Someone who doesn’t fall free,

Someone who doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeves,

Someone who just writes poetries of heartbreaks,

Even when the words don’t seep in,

Her heart,

Even though it has many cracks.

to everyone who says they’ll do it but don’t, try, you never know what good it brings for you. remember the task you’ve been delaying, go for it. it won’t happen itself.


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