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Ending to Begin

I didn’t believe it ended,

The way it did,

So straight and fast,

That I couldn’t understand that,

It’s a metaphor,

This ending to the beginning,

Of my love you’ll never know about.

Moving on from the eyes,

Which once looked at you,

With mischief and curiosity.

Moving on from the touch of the fingers,

Long, smooth and soft,

Entangled in mine own.

Moving on from the witty mind,

With puns always ready,

For every situation possible.

Moving on from our story,

Which had just begun,

Moving on from the roads,

We spent our evenings at,

Glaring at the orange setting sun.

Moving on from moments,

That can never happen in real lives,

But in books by all the cute boys,

Saying all the perfect things,

At all the perfect timings.

Tell me, how do you move on,

From characters unforgettable,

Stories unfathomable,

Places memorable,

Ending to begin,

A whole new love,

For the characters and books,

You once didn’t read about.

photo from unsplash.


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