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I used to like the way the air essenced when you were around.

From morning till the late evening, the essence just wouldn’t go.

And I recognized your arrival moments before you actually came because the air had brought you to me already.

Then, I started to feel suffocated breathing the essence I once loved.

It made me feel nauseated, choking and sick to the pit of my stomach.

I felt so bad that I stopped breathing when you were around me.

Today, again, after ages of breathing in the lovely, choking essence, I found it right by my side the whole day.

Wherever I went, wherever I sat, wherever I tried to run away from it, it followed me like a shadow.

I turned around numerous times to check if you were around, but I couldn’t find you, nor did you come.

I felt as if you’re right beside me, invisible though, yet somehow there.


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