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Farhan And Roza

“You’re not serious. Oh, you are?”

“Listen, it’s not like that. Can you please stop stress-walking and sit for a while so I can tell you what exactly it is?”

“God! Farhan, why is this so difficult?”

“Babe, breathe. It’s not difficult. Sitttt, please!”

“Fine. Tell me how is it simple? Tell me how am I supposed to tell your Ammi and Abbu that their one and only son is going away. Oh, no, he’ll not come back in 6 months this time. Wait, he’s not going for a vacation this time. He’s not going anywhere in the world Ammi. Your son wants to go to the moon!”

“Do you realise how cute you look when you’re panicking?”

“Farhan, yaaaaar! You’re going to the mooooon! I am supposed to panic. You are supposed to panic. The world is supposed to panic.”

“Roza, let the world panic. You won’t even realise I’m gone. I’ll be back before you blink! And moreover, the Earth can’t handle you alone anymore.”

“That’s what I’m trying to say! The Earth can’t handle me without you.”

“But, imagine, this long distance would be the most romantic long distance relationship ever!”

“Yeah, Mr. Romantic-Long-Distancer, get me a piece of the moon. Then we’ll see how romantic it is.”

“So, you’re not panicking anymore?”

“No. But, just for a while.”

“That’s my girl!”

<5 mins later>

“Farhaaaaaan, you’re going to the mooooon!”

“Not again, Rozaaaaaa!”

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