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Fly, I Say

​It took me million moments and billion minutes to agree to something for which I was very reluctant and vulnerable for. I thought, maybe let’s take a chance and see where the wind takes me. Fly, I had said. Maybe I’m too impatient to reach the destination which I myself do not know about or maybe I cannot fly to even start my journey.

It takes me half a million moments and half a billion minutes to decide to land back to my safe zone. But, what if I haven’t took the flight yet. Maybe I’ve never soared the skies yet. What if I have never seen the world from up there. Maybe I’ve just begun taking off. Maybe this flight is not as easy as it seems to be. Maybe the result which I’m looking for is way too different than what I want it to be. But, what if I’ve not taken the flight yet. Maybe, I’m still at the ground scared to fly. Maybe the sky is too much for me but I’ll never know until I fly. Fly, I say again because the wings are made to cut through the air and glide through the sky of dreams and numerous possibilities and not for wondering about the unlimited confusions which arise everyday. Fly, I say again because giving up something is I never believe in. It’s all about trying and achieving no matter what. Fly, I say because wouldn’t life be boring without anything to dream about?

Photo: Pinterest

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