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Forget it?

Why do people always say, ‘Forget It’, ‘Forget That Time’, ‘Forget This…Forget That’?

Why should you forget anything?

The time you spent with someone smiling, laughing and enjoying should not be forgotten even when that person is not there in your life at present. Why should that joy be thrown away when even today it’ll give you immense pleasure and bring a smile on your face without any realization of it?

I was thinking about this very thing today. I passed through some places and saw myself walking there, smiling and talking in the past and in present, I remembered each and every word I was told in the same tone with the same expression. Even though it’s gone and it will (maybe) never happen again, but that second, that minute, that hour and that day was perfect and happy which still makes me happy. Then why should I forget it? Why?


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