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In A Poet's Book

What can you find in a poet's book?

• You'll find pages written in different inks. Some words cancelled and edited out to make the poem better.

• You'll find half written poems with no idea how to end them. Some written with sleepy eyes. Some with tears clearly leaving their marks on the pages.

• You'll find pages torn out of frustration and anger. Some because it's too much to see the reality the words bring out and some because the words aren't enough to express the feelings of the heart.

• You'll find flowers collected on random walks leaving their color & fragrance behind on the paper like photographs of the moments captured yet not.

• You'll find yourself, in the middle of a poem you have never read before, in a way you've never thought you'll be described, like a boy captured in the book.

• You'll find everything that she doesn't tell you, everything she wants to. Sometimes everyday, sometimes never.


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