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The moment you tell someone that they saw them in the dream, doing a certain thing, saying a certain thing, looking in a certain way.


For they are not just a part of your conscious world now, they’re a bigger part of your unconscious mind too.

The moment you get closer to someone to click a photograph for the first time and touch the small of their back and smile until your eyes close.


For you feel like holding on to them closely a lot longer than the click of the shutter.

The moment you tell someone you wrote them something. Like a poetry or a letter or a song and they want to know every word you wrote for them.


For you can see their eyes going through your words and their lips turn into a smile when they like a certain part and now that moment is forever captured in your mind.

The moment you hold on to someone at the right and stop them from tripping in public.


For now they’ll always remember you as a superhero who caught them from making a fool of themselves.

The moment you lace your fingers with someone or that moment when you hold someone’s hand for the first time as you cross a busy street. Or that moment when someone starts walking on your other side just to keep you safe from traffic.


For now you know they care. If not a lot, but so much that they want to protect you from something and anything that come your way.

The moment you lay your head on to someone’s shoulder on a late night train back home.


For you know you can trust this person with your life and doze off amongst strangers without worrying.

The moment you hug someone, knowing the fact that it might probably be the last time you’ll hug them.


For you want to remember everything about that moment. How they looked that day, what was the weather like and how bittersweet you felt in that moment. To have them so close to you, yet having to let them go, somehow, very intimate.

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Anjali Idnani
Anjali Idnani
Mar 08, 2022

What a beauty ❤️!!!!


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