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Karam and Alaaya

“Ufff. Can’t you come here through the door? Ammi and Abbu know about you! Get in!”

“Adventure, jaan-e-mann! And if I came through the door, Ammi-Abbu won’t let me get up from the couch to even wash hands. They love me too much.”

“I can’t argue on that. Sometimes, I think I’m not their daughter and you are definitely their son.”

“Alaaya, can you smell something burning? *sniffs* Oh, it’s youuuu. Don’t be jealous!”

“Karammmm! What do you want? Why are you here? If you tease me, I’ll call Abbu. ‘Abb…'”

“Shhhh. You’re an idiot Alaaya! Don’t scream. I came here because…”



“Karam, what did you do? What happened? You’re making me worried now.”

“Hahahahahahahahaha! You should see your face, Alaaya!”

“Karammm, youuuuu, idiot! You scared me!”

“Ah, ah, stop hitting me! Sorry! Sorrrry!”


“I came here to see you. To listen to you. To hear your laughter. To tease you. To know that you actually exist and you’re not just a fragment of my imagination.”

“Fragment of your imagination, huh! Since when did you start speaking and thinking like that? Fragment of your imagination!

“Since I realized that you’re not as romantic as I thought you would be.”

“Whaaaat! I’m not romantic? Wait, here, take this book and get out. Out!”

“What is this? Let me stay for a while na! Wait, I’m sorry! What is this?



“You wrote all these poems for me? Alaaya! Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“Out, Karam!”

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