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Kaun Mera

“Kaun mera, kya tu laage,

Kyu tu baandhe, mann ke, mann se dhaage”

I’ve been singing these lyrics,

Over and over today,

Asking myself this question,

Who are you really?

And why do you do what you do eventually?

With Irshad Kamil’s poetry,

Reverberating in Papon’s voice,

I search for answers,

Hidden in between the lines,

Only to find solace,

As the sun sets,

Leaving me with nothing but a feeling,

That the answers will find me,

As you do everytime.

“Dhoondh hi loge tum mujhe,

Har jagah ab toh,

Mujhko khabar hai…”

Inspired from beautiful lyrics of Irshad Kamil sung by Papon, Kaun Mera and a kind-hearted soul.


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