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Leap Day

All this while,

In this month of love,

You’ve been telling me,

To let go,

Of you.

But, I’ve been holding on,

To you.

Asking for a day more,

With reasons as silly as,

How can you leave me,

On a no moon day,

At least stay,

Until it’s back to see me sob.

And the silliest of the reasons,

Made you stay.

A day more.

Maybe, in reality,

Even you didn’t want to go.

But, then, for holding on,

For more than we intended to,

You’re going,

On a leap day,

By giving me a logical reason,

At least, you’ll not think about me,

For four years by remembering the date.

It’s like, forgetting,

Everything that happened today,

All this time, and you.

As if the universe,

Was pranking me,

Months before the fools day.


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