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Love Is A Placebo Effect

I’ve never been in love, but, what is love actually?

Is it the feeling of bursting with happiness for no reason? That you can conquer every challenge thrown at you?

Maybe love makes us bold. Or courageous.

Is it the feeling when you don’t know why you’re smiling? That the problems of this world seem so distant that every moment seems magical.

Maybe that’s why people say love makes us blind. Or optimistic.

If this is love, then love must really be a placebo effect.

Because it is the courage that I love. The courage to be bold and happy.

Because it is the optimism that I love. The hope that distances makes the heart fall deeper in love.

Because it is the smiles that I love. The ones that were smiled without worrying for the future.

Maybe love is love. But, love is all the moments you think you are in love. Then, love is a placebo effect. An effect to make you fall in love.


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