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To the boy who called me battery in public today,

I know that you don’t know this but myopia is a condition in which close objects appear clearly, but far ones don’t.

I know you don’t know that one word you called me today while you rode your bicycle and yet made sure I heard it, stopped me dead in my tracks to accept the fact that you were not even a teenager but you teased a girl on a road when she didn’t even realize that wearing spectacles could earn her comments.

I know you don’t know that you didn’t do anything wrong, you just called me “battery”, no big deal but this small thing can lead to more big things you would say to girls who, I hope get a chance to slap your face and teach you a lesson if your parents don’t teach you until then.

I know you don’t know but I hope you don’t turn out to be a sexist, misogynist because if you do and I happen to know you then, it would be not good for you. I promise.


A myopic.


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