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I’m that kind of a person who gets obsessed with books. If I finish reading a book and I really really like it, it becomes difficult for me to not to think about the book, the characters, their life, the place they lived, the weather and many such irrelevant things which make the book so awesome.

I will save quoted from the book, search for even more quotes on the internet, get obsessed even more by changing my phone’s wallpaper to some quote of the book or something related to the book.

What’s another good book does to me is, it makes me read it again. This time with even more feelings and concentration along with another perspective for the whole book altogether.

The last book I read was 13 Reasons Why for the second time because I wanted to see the series and relate the events in the series with the book. I concluded that the book and the series can be looked up on as two different things as the sequence for the tapes in the series is not the same as it is in the books. Most of the time people don’t really like the movies or series which are made based on books because some of the important things are left in the movies/series. But, in the case the cinematography and story telling beats the book in some way.

So, you all might know by now what I am obsessing over right now. 😛

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P. S.: I think I’ll write a blog on the boys which all the authors write about in books and whether do they actually exist or not.


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