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Oh, strong girl. 

When you close your eyes you wish that you were not where you are right now and pray for some miracle to happen and take you at a beach where sea gulls are flying over your head and you are about to dive in the ocean head first.

Instead, when you open your eyes, you still are standing in a crowded train and hoping that the day will end soon and you’ll sit in your room listening to some good music and writing your heart out.

You also wish to receive flowers and have someone with whom you can talk about anything and everything but then you feel that you shouldn’t feel dependent on anyone.

Hence, you make ridiculous jokes and laugh till your stomach hurts, alone.

Because, goddamn you’re a strong girl who knows how to stand up after everyone pushes you down and tries to hit to so that you stay back down forever. You are strong to do all that you’re doing right now and not quitting even though you have thought about it from months. You just cannot quit and no one knows why, not even you.

Oh, you’re such a strong woman. Stay strong, always.


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