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Open Talks

I started having conversations outside of my mind lately.

Rather than asking myself, what would they be thinking about and assuming the worst-case scenarios, I asked them - what are you thinking?

And they told me. Sometimes honestly, sometimes withholding some feelings, but at least I didn't spend the entire night overthinking about it.

Rather than asking myself, are they angry with me and assuming that they'll never ever talk to me again I asked them - are you angry at me?

And they instead asked me with a smile on their face - why would they be angry? Now, At least I didn't spend the whole day feeling lonely and miserable.

Rather than asking myself a thousand questions and pushing myself off the cliff towards existential crisis - I asked them - if they had a moment to talk.

And they did. More than a moment on days and nights. Which makes me feel less vulnerable and more human. At least I didn't cry myself to sleep that night hoping to never wake up again.

More often than not, when we have conversations with our own selves. In those conversations we think what we want to believe. And most of the time, it's far away from how things actually are. Assumptions are the stepping stones to overthinking.

Ask, talk, discuss, there's more to it than you think. Always.


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