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You don’t realize how fast one bad day turns to become one bad week, one bad month and one bad year until you’re reading a book which talks about stars exploding millions of light years ago and the shiny thing which we’re seeing in the sky is just dust from the past.

You don’t realise you’re feeling all the things you’re feeling because you tend to ignore them in the course of your regular day and by explaining yourself that maybe you’re just too tired, maybe there was just lots of work, maybe you’re pmsing, or maybe it’s just a bad day until you’re reading a book where the character feels the same things as you do and the realisation hits you. Damn, you need to do something for yourself and not just continue to live the way you’re living.

You don’t realise this all while talking to your best friend, laughing whole heartedly at a party. You realize this in the middle of a meeting, or at midnight when you are scrolling Instagram and can’t fall asleep or just while reading a book whose characters you can relate to.

It gets better or worse, it depends on YOU.

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