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She’s changed. 

“​There she stood, looking at herself in the mirror and not recognizing her own self. Time really changed her.”

She’s changed a lot from what she used to be at one point of time and you changed her. You wanted her in a particular way. To behave in a particular way. To think in a particular way. To talk, walk in a particular way. To pretend that she doesn’t care even though she cared too much.

Yes, she was not perfect. But, are you? Yes, she was happy? But, now when she has changed, are you happy?

Do you even know her? Or, rather, did you ever knew her? What she was like when she got angry? What she did when she was afraid? What was her favorite color, book, quote? No, you didn’t. Then, why did you want her to change? And if she changed, why don’t you like her now?

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