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I’m waiting at the signal for the traffic light to turn green from red as thoughts zoom past my head like the vehicles in front of me.

I’d read at the back of a cereal box you eat every morning that the longest traffic light is 5 minutes and 33 seconds long. It’s somewhere in New York. Oh, and about the cereal, I never used to buy cereal before. Ever.

This traffic light is a 1 minute and 48 seconds long. I know this because I get stuck here, at this very point, every single day, when I’m headed over to meet you at your favourite park across the town.

It seems longer today and frustrating enough to make me feel I’m stuck at the wrong place, at the right time, going somewhere I don’t think I belong, meeting someone I don’t think appreciates the presence.

So, when the signal finally turns green, instead of going straight ahead, I take a left, and tell Google Maps to find the nearest park with LIVE music.

Some signals are worth waiting for; and sometimes we are waiting at the wrong signal; waiting for it to turn green but the red is a sign.

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