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Silver Lining

Yes, you’ve been indoors,

Today, yesterday and even the day before that.

Yes, it’s not easy,

To live on each morning,

With whatever little hope,

You’ve been carrying in your pockets.

Yes, you’re tired,

With uncertainty that this time holds.

But, look around,

Find that silver lining,

That brightens up your day,

Find that song you used to sing when you were 5,

And dance on it in front of the mirror,

Call up your go-to-person and talk for hours,

About anything and everything,

Bake brownies and send pictures to your friends,

Tease them, love them, laugh with them,

Moreover, find that silver lining,

To light you up from within,

To guide you through this,

Because, hey, where there’s light,

There’s hope.


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