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I lose hope,

A little everyday,

There’s something that brings darkness in life’s way.

Yet I climb the mountain,

Of life, existence and time,

Without any checkpoints or sunshine.

The doubts keep rising,

With every step, every mile,

Of when, how, if, I’ll ever smile.

Just when I think if it could be worse,

With a snowfall, my hope dies,

Leaving me helpless, stranded amidst gloomy skies.

Lost, hopeless, with just questions,

I hear a crack not so far,

The gush of wind gives my face a scar.

Everything then suddenly becomes quiet,

For a second, I think, I might have died,

But, then I see a path, a guide.

Taking me straight to the very start,

Revealing answers to questions I never asked,

Bringing the snowstorm of crisis coming to an end at last.

Toughest blog of 2020.


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