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Some Random Memory

I just heard a song,

Not a song-song, but a poem,

And you know how,

Some words when written in a certain way,

Can take you to places,

And create visuals in your mind,

This poem reminded me of you.

And when I thought of you,

I remember how I had shared this very poem,

With you on a random afternoon.

It was used in a video,

Black and white,

Some girl laughing in the city,

Shot so aesthetically that I wanted you to see.

Then, you wanted to know more about the poem,

So, I found out within minutes.

And now when I find it again,

On a random day,

With your thought again on the mind,

I know it was supposed to find me again,

Today when it's all new and old,

When it's all bright and bold,

With all its glitter and gold,

Yet black and white,

Reminding of all the things we should have told.


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