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Story of 3 AM

3:01 AM

Waking up randomly, checking time, wondering what woke me up, wondering if I’ll fall asleep again. I like the quietness of 3 AM.

3:18 AM

Turning sides from left to right, right to left, flipping the pillow to sleep on the other side, something seems missing. I wish I could talk to you right now.

3:32 AM

Light breeze through the window, drizzling outside, the world is quiet and smells of petrichor and everything looks normal. Everything looks untouched by anything viscous. Everything looks like love.

3:45 AM

Back on the bed, staring at the rain outside, thinking what would I say to you if you were awake. Probably asking why are you awake, secretly happy that you are. Hoping you are secretly happy too.

3:58 AM

Wanting your arms around me, to hold me at this hour of the night, to whisper like the rain outside, to be with me tonight. Why am I awake, if this is not real.

4:02 AM

Crafting poetry in my head, line after line effortlessly. I like this version of myself, being able to think so clearly, writing from the heart. Only if you could listen to me right now, only if you could read what I wrote for you.

image from pexels


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