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The August Story

I have hopelessly looked,

At the bright sides of August,

Amidst the gloomy skies,

And rain falling in a continuous rhythm,

To a place from where rainbows began,

And ended.

Gliding on it’s colours,

Cheering as I slide down,

Through clouds and mist,

Towards you or your mirage,

Hopelessly with courage and kindness,

Almost ready to fall everyday I wake up,

Stumbling a little with a slightly broken heart,

Towards you or your mirage,

Hopelessly falling, wishing for a star.

photo from pexels.

As August comes to an end, I would like to share my August playlist with you. These songs (most of them are in Hindi and Punjabi) have kept me sane and going in the last 31 days. Thank you, August for being kind and generous. Until next time, hopefully and hopelessly. ❤️💫

P. S.: Drop in a song for my playlist in the comments below!


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