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Things I Can't Google

They say Google has an answer to everything. I don't think so.

I can't Google what you're feeling. It just explains the meaning of the phrase and even translates it into your mother tongue but it doesn't tell me what you're feeling.

Only you can tell me that. But, apparently not.

I can't Google what does your last message mean. It's written in Hindi but that's not the problem. Google can translate it but yet, somehow it doesn't make sense in any language to me.

Mat kar yaar.

I can't even tell the Google Assistant to put you on DND. Because, it doesn't work on you; you're always on the mind. In dreams too, sometimes. Leave me alone, for once?

I can Google how to fix something that's broken but it doesn't have a tutorial to fix broken hearts. So that's that.

Google can do everything. Give you flashbacks from past years, making photo reels out of memories and even remind you of their birthday which you'd finally forgotten, but Google, even Google, doesn't know how to let it all go.


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