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Weird day. 

I had an awesome plan for a perfect Saturday. I had it planned since 2 weeks.

How did it go? Well, my dad put off my alarm and didn’t wake me up and when I got up I knew that I’d missed my chance to have an awesome Saturday.

‘Shit. Shit. Shit.’ were my first words in the morning. I re-checked the time and I was like, damn it. How in the world, I could not hear the alarm ringing today and my dad had to put if off. He thought I had put it on by mistake as my vacations are going on and didn’t even wake me up. It was a good thing he thought but, I missed doing what I’d to do today. 😦

I didn’t do anything except watching 2 movies on Romedy Now and wondering why my friend is not reminding me of the work I’ve to do today which I’d told him I won’t do as I was busy. Seems like, he forgot that I told him that my plans are cancelled~

Such a weird day.


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