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Isn’t it good sometimes to not know someone and just wonder things about him?

Wondering if he likes butter more or cheese?

Whether he likes chocolate chip ice cream in a cone or cookie cream in a cup?

Whether he likes to go to new places or is as anxious as I am sometimes to find myself amongst so many strangers.

Wondering if he dances as if no one is watching him or does he sing songs while sitting in the window playing his guitar acoustic-ly. Moreover, if he owns a guitar or not? Or does he play drums?

Wondering about how he composes himself when angry or does he even get angry at all?

Does he think cautiously before he takes a decision or just does things impulsively?

Does he like to sit with all lights off when the mood is off or takes a stroll to get rid of the unwanted thoughts?

The feeling just before knowing a person is so fascinating. It makes it even more exciting when you are not even sure that you’ll know him truly or not.

P. S.: I’m extremely sorry for yesterday’s blog. It was one of the worst things ever written by me.

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