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World of Dreams.

I was such person who could create a world of her own by day-dreaming for the whole day. But, soon enough, I realised that day-dreaming won’t help me in any way and I stopped doing that.

Well, it’s not easy to stop anything you’ve been doing for so long easily. Thus, I used to say, “Shut Up, Gurdit!” to my mind whenever I used to day-dream. I still haven’t stopped day-dreaming but I  have a control on what I should dream about.

I like things under my control. What is a mind if you don’t have a control on it? I day-dream about things which are relatively possible to happen in my life and maybe it’s my intuition or my fate which makes those things happen too.

(here my problem arrives: I don’t know how to end blogs. I cannot find a good ending usually.)


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