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You, Me and Deja Vu

It was all deja vu.

The road,

The lane,

The trees,

The weather,

The wind,

The song I hummed,

You, me and the sunset.

Your hands brushed mine,

Ever so slightly,

That I had to wonder,

If that really happened or not.

Then it hit me,

It had happened before,

The brushing of the hand,

The walk,

The talk,

The joke you cracked,

The story about the book you were reading,

The nervousness right before you asked me for coffee.

I nonchalantly saying yes despite I don’t really like coffee,

The simple conversations,

The smiles,

The laughter,

The coffee,

The migraine which followed,

The numerous sorries which followed,

You waiting up all night,

Until I fell asleep by dawn.

Until it was just,

You, me and the deja vu.


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