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A Letter To Myself

Hey you,

I know I am 1000x kinder to strangers on the road than I am to you when you are doing your absolute best even on your worst day.

I am sorry for that. I am sorry for being unkind. I am sorry for not loving you as much as you deserve from your own self. I am sorry that you've to deal with the harshest critic of the world, your own self. I am sorry I am so tough on you. I am sorry for the bitterness that you absolutely do not deserve. I am sorry for not loving you enough.

You are more than your own voice that shushes you down. Please, do not listen to the voices of your head all the time. You are a beautiful and pure soul and I'm sorry that you often neglect that in all the noise of your thoughts.

I hope you can forgive your own self for all the unkindness and I hope you love yourself more. A little more.


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