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A Poet Outside Poetry

What is a poet outside of their poem,

But a metaphor of all the unfinished poems and rhymes?

They are all the symphonies of the orchestra,

Tuning their instruments, at the same time,

Yet the sound is as melodies as the final act.

They are all molecules of water bound together in the ocean,

Breaking apart to accommodate you and your thoughts,

But their waves soothe your heart even in the chaos around you.

They're the negatives in a film camera, waiting to capture a moment

As it happens, just for once, without retakes,

But when all the negatives are washed, the album narrates a story, without words, yet like a poetry.

They are all the cirrocumulus clouds in the blue sky,

Creating patterns all over the Earth,

But really radiating hope, affirming your presence that creates butterfly effects constantly.

They are all the constellations of the dark night sky,

Each carrying their stories from light years ago,

But, together forming a galaxy, with multitudes of celestial creations including you.

So, what is a poet outside their poetry? They're a poetry of their own.

With metaphors of their own.


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