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I want this to stop hurting,

The holding on,

To this thing I've held on forever.

i) I've held on to the ground that keeps me grounded,

The one I walk on everyday,

The same one which gave me scars,

And memories to last for a lifetime.

ii) I've held on to the walls that protect me,

From everything that can hurt me,

Even though, now they're the ones breaking me apart,

One day at a time.

iii) I've held on the roof or rather it has always been my umbrella,

Protecting me as I rise above,

Even before the day, I knew how to walk or fly,

It's there to cover me yet making me soar high.

iv) I've held on to every day of every season,

In sunrises and sunsets,

In storms and springs,

In coldest winters and hottest summers,

In eclipses and conjunctions,

In solstices and equinoxes,

In happiness and in sadness,

In life and in death,

In victories and defeats,

I've held on forever.

And I want this to stop hurting,

The holding on and the letting go.


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