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About yesterday

aa hi jaata hai dil jispe aana hota hai, har khushi se, har gum se begaana hota hai ❤ These lines from the retro song Pyar Dewaana Hota Hai, sung by Kishore Kumar are so beautiful!

I’m absolutely in love with this song since yesterday morning. Talking about yesterday, it was epic! I am not going to forget the smallest details of yesterday till the end of time. Also, I got up after a slumber of 11 hours because in the last week I’d been sleeping for mere 3 hours a day and working for my college festival.

Today, the feeling of contentment was at its epitome.

P.S.: The translation of the above lyrics is: but heart loves the one to whom it wants to love heart finds its match, Joys and Sorrows are unknown to the love, Love is above joys and sorrows of life.

You can find the song here: Pyar Deewana Hota Hai


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