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Actions That Matter

You know what matters?

• Someone offering you a glass of water without you asking them because they want you to stay hydrated. If this doesn't scream i love you, what does?

• Someone being there for you, without you asking them because want to find reasons to see you. If this doesn't scream i care for you, what does?

• Someone texting you to check up on you after days of not talking and telling you all the times they missed you because you've made an impact in their life, knowingly, unknowingly. If this doesn't scream, you matter to me, then what does?

It's the little, unknown, unrecognised, simplest, cutest things that makes the strongest, boldest and loveliest imprints in someone's heart. Sometimes you will never know about it until they tell you. I hope someone tells you about these beautiful little things that matter. The moments that make you such a significant part of their life and if you're thinking of someone right now whose actions have mattered to you today, yesterday or even months ago, go tell them. Go, make their day!


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