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Between Obviously And Maybe


You are obviously going to hurt me,

But, let's not go there yet.


Maybe it'll not happen,

It'll be different this time, I swear.

Between obviously and maybe,

There is hope,

Of future being different than the past,

And hope that overpowers fear,

Even though fear continues to haunt,

The momentum of the heart.

Between maybe and obviously,

I have travelled years,

Having a home that my never was,

From obviously getting hurt,

To maybe I'll not.

From maybe the feelings are not obvious,

To obviously they are.

But maybe they're not so real,

To obviously with everything you've done so far.

Between obviously and maybe,

I hang around the tiny string of hope,

That maybe all of this is a dream,

And obviously I'm going wake up without getting hurt.

But obviously it is hurting,

Maybe it's not so dreamy anymore,

Because obviously you're going hurt me,

There's no maybe anymore.


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