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These people are absolute blessings you know, the ones who wish for the best for you, always and in every way.

And though it might seem like they're blessings in disguise at first, but they're in no disguise because they're with you, living and breathing the same air as yours and existing in the same time as you.

With these people, you don't have to imagine a parallel world, because you are with them in this world and this world is perfect just the way it is.

These people are the ones who push you out

of your comfort zone because they know you're meant for so much more than you can think because you yourself are a blessing for them.

They are the ones that came in your life unannounced and stay without asking because they are just meant to be with you, and the question of leaving is scary because life would never be the same without them anymore.

These people are blessings. You are too in someone's life.

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