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Deja Vu Of Deja Vu

We're in the kitchen,

Chopping, prepping and cleaning the kitchen,

As we get the dinner ready,

And I have a deja vu,

That we have done this before,

Standing like this,

Making the same wraps,

Cleaning the counters,

So we don't have to do it after dinner,

And while I revealed that,

I was having a deja vu,

I realized that in that deja vu,

I felt like I was having a deja vu,

And maybe it goes on and on and on,

Like that,

Deja vu in deja vu in deja vu in deja vu,

Like it's a glitch in the matrix,

But just for a few seconds,

And all our lives change,

Because of a miniscule thing,

Creating fractals of our lives in multiple platitudes.


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