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The moment she arrived,

On my porch,

With a smile fixed,

On such a worried yet pretty face,

The humidity in the began to fade away,

Chilling the atmosphere to a certain degree.

The words she spoke,

Seemed to bounce of my head completely,

I had to blink a few times to come back in focus,

To ask whether she could repeat what she had said.

Looking at her feet and exhaling the air filled in her lungs,

The smile a little more forced this time,

Worry, increasing,

Visible through the lines forming on her forehead,

And all I wanted was to make her worry go away,

In anyway possible.

When she spoke again,

I listened to her like she was speaking a sacred verse,

Realizing that I could actually relieve her,

From whatever worry she had.

Few minutes later,

When I’d seen her closely enough,

For her smile to be etched in my memory,

She went, without a glimpse of worry,

But, left me with a face to look in the crowd forever.


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