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Drowning Vs Puddle

One day,

You feel like you're drowning,

Deeper and deeper,

And the next morning isn't easy either,

It's pulling you deeper, further,

But then,

All of a sudden,

You find your feet hitting the floor,

And you start standing up,

Only to realize,

Your head is above that thing drowning you,

You are breathing again,

You don't know how,

But you managed to survive that one thing,

That desperately wanted to kill you.

No, everything is not suddenly better,

But, everything is not entirely bad too,

When you finally see yourself out of a phase,

You didn't know how to go through.

And you know this one thing,

If you're through that tough thing,

Then what's right in front of you now,

Is so easy to live through,

It's practically a puddle,

Just jump into it!


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