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Experiences Of Today

I didn't just go through today,

I experienced today in ways I didn't think I could.

Some lessons and free tips:

• Not every day will go according to your plan. Plans get cancelled. Things get rescheduled and that's completely okay.

Having said that, one change can lead to multiple changes and change the entire trajectory of life.

• Don't get stuck on the fact that something didn't work out. Focus on what's possible now, in that moment.

• Live in the moment. Capture little things. Capture everything.

• Click photos in the golden hour.

• Watch the crescent moon as it shines in the glowing orange sky. Live in that moment.

• Watch the stars shine in the sky. Find out their names. Try to recognise constellations. It's all worth it.

• Don't just get through the day, experience it, live it in the moment.

• Make the most of all the moments.


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