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Haibun On Rain

I can sense it. The incoming of the rain before it actually arrives. It is getting darker outside, with the grey clouds sweeping the sky along with the gusty wind. The scorching heat since the last few days is vanished and the cold air brings a sense of calmness as the storm builds up. The green of the trees look greener as it stars drizzling and honestly, the feeling of first rains is incomplete without petrichor. Is there any way to capture this fragrance in a bottle? Because, I instantly feel light, like the air, like the clouds, like the thunder that rumbles in the mountains. There's no better feeling than the arrival of rains. It celebrates itself as it arrives to stay for months, it also celebrates its farewell later, but, for now, it's a relief and somehow, an assurance, that things are going to get better. I can sense it. Like I sensed the rain coming.

I can sense,

The change the rain brings,

As it celebrates this moment like no other.

Haibun is a Japanese form of poetry with a combination of two poems - prose and a haiku.

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